Meng Chicken, a Meme coin project based on the Ethereum network.

Our mascot, a charming "Meng Chicken," is at the heart of our project,

striving to create a fair and active cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Community  Ecosystem

We plan to attract and retain community members through airdrops, community activities, and promotional events. We also welcome collaborations with other projects and platforms to build a larger ecosystem together.

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Token  Distribution

Meng Chicken Token ($Meck)

  • 30%


  • 30%


  • 28%


  • 2%


  • 10%

    Reserved for the Project

Meng Chicken  Route Map

Detailed development roadmap of the project

  • Q1 launch.

    Crypto websites promote.

    Twitter influencers.

    Community and channel influencer.

    4000 Holders.

    Buyback and burn.

  • Q2 NFT launch.


    10000 Holders.

  • Q3

    30000 holders.

    Buyback and burn.

    Labrador Swap.

    Top CEX.

  • Q4

    60000 holders.

    Listing on binance.

    Go to the moon.

Products & Services 

Vision and Objectives

Our aim with the Meng Chicken project is to ignite community enthusiasm, providing a fair opportunity for participation for everyone, while offering a fresh and fun approach in the Meme coin domain.

Market Analysis

Our target market consists of Meme coin enthusiasts and crypto investors within the cryptocurrency community. We see the potential for creating a vibrant, interactive community within this niche.

Use Cases

The $Meck token can be used within our ecosystem for trading, farming rewards, and community airdrops. We are also exploring opportunities to integrate $Meck into more potential use cases.